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We would like to invite you to business seminar

Dear clients and partners!
Thank you for your interest in a topic of business seminar “Internet acquiring for different types of business.” We are glad that instead of an open seminar we had an opportunity to meet representatives of companies and personally discuss the issues relevant to business. The format of the meeting allowed us to discuss individual solutions with taking into consideration the specific of the activity of the enterprise.

However, there are a number of issues that are currently of concern for both small business owners and heads of financial departments of larger companies. More often, businesses are interested in the criteria by which payment systems set the size of its commission, the reasons for refusal of payment systems when applying for acquiring services, what acquiring bank is better to work with and how to choose the jurisdiction considering the geography of the company and further expanding of the market.

That is why we decided to held a full format seminar in August 2016.

You will discuss current issues of e-commerce, practical recommendations, analysis of real cases and, of course, pleasant communication with real professionals.

We are waiting for applications to participate in a seminar on e-mail: marked “Internet acquiring.” Please specify in writing the scope of your company so that we can choose the most interesting cases for you.

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