People’s Republic of China. Special Administrative Region Hong Kong

People’s Republic of China. Special Administrative Region Hong Kong

Despite of that there are not  many taxes in Hong Kong, it can’t be called an offshore jurisdiction. Hong Kong is a low-tax jurisdiction and offers favorable conditions for the registration of the company, which, with the Hong Kong registration, plans to carry out its activities on the territory of other states.

Advantages of registration a company in Hong Kong:

No taxes or low rate:

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) 0%
  • Capital Gains Tax 0%
  • The tax on income from dividends and interest on deposits 0%
  • Income tax is 16.5% and is paid only if the company has been operating in Hong Kong
  • The rate of income tax is charged from royalty only. If the recipient is non-resident – the rate is 5.25% and if the recipient and payer are connected – the rate is 17.5%

Also among the main advantages of opening the company in Hong Kong are:

  • No foreign exchange control;
  • Time for registration of the company in Hong Kong can take up to two weeks
  • Confidentiality of information about the business
  • Hong Kong has agreements to avoid of double taxation with Luxembourg, Belgium, People’s Republic of Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Basic organizational and legal forms of companies in Hong Kong:

Closed Joint Stock Company Public joint-stock company
Unlimited Liability Company Special Partnership
Subsidiary of a foreign company Branch of a foreign company
Representative office of foreign company Individual entrepreneur
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People’s Republic of China. Special Administrative Region Hong Kong

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