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  • Preparation of various agreements;
  • Analytical reports on legal issues
    • analytics of business projects according to the current legislation;
    • tax and financial analysis of the company activity;
    • risks forecasting;
    • oral and written advice regarding current legislation of Ukraine and CIS countries;
    • expertise of the current legislation;
    • preparation of analytical conclusions and proposals regarding legal issues;
    • complex expertise of internal documents of the legal entity;
    • preparation of proposals for the excluding of existing and potential violations of the current legislation.
  • Corporate Law (including registration, liquidation, reorganization)
    • opt of organizational and legal forms of business;
    • registration of legal entities in Ukraine and CIS countries;
    • working-out and alignment of incorporation documents, business agreements, international contracts;
    • alteration/ liquidation / merger / takeovers, including actions for identification of the risks and unlawful acts, as well as their actual and possible consequences while dealing with issues related to illegal mergers / acquisitions;
    • opening / closing of bank accounts of legal entities;
    • search and working-out of ways to exclude corporate conflicts and to prevent it in the future;
    • negotiations with investors, insurance companies, public authorities.
  • Litigation and claims:
    • In case of disagreement between legal entities our lawyers will provide legal assistance in protection and reinstating of the violated rights and lawful interests in the courts of various jurisdictions in different instances.
    • Our lawyers specialize in:
      • civil disputes;
      • commercial disputes;
      • criminal disputes under the protection of the economic interests of the client.
      • Our services include all stages of the judicial process, from the pre-trial settlement of the dispute up to the court of cassation and preparing the conclusion of the dispute resolution.
  • intellectual property:
    • rights protection in the intellectual property area;
    • registration of trademarks and commercial names;
    • transaction support and registration of transfer of copyright (neighboring) rights;
    • client support during registration, licensing, inspection, representation of interests in authorities and customs services
    • client’s protection of the interests in disputes arising during the implementation of the rights of intellectual property
    • agreement support of the deals in this area.
  • tax law
    • legal advice and written conclusions in different aspects of fiscal policy;
    • optimization of the material base of taxation;
    • support of disputes on VAT returns;
    • solving issues regarding practical excluding of double taxation;
    • representation of clients in tax, customs authorities and the courts of different levels.
  • registration of ownership of real estate:
    • full support of agreements for purchase and sale, donation, swap, lease, etc .;
    • preparation of required documents to complete the deals;
    • preparation and analysis of draft agreements;
    • registration of property rights;
    • property valuation.
  • representation of interests in court.

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