Legal services

Legal services from the professionals of OK Capital company

OK Capital company’s specialists have a range of legal services to both legal entities and individuals in all sorts of disputes in courts of general jurisdiction of all instances, and also in arbitration courts, including the preparation of claims, preparation of disputes, complaints and other legal documents. Our clients receive highly qualified assistance from these professionals in their field, having many of successful cases.

Employees of OK Capital company – it is a successful practices in the areas of economic, tax law, civil, family and labor relations, in matters of registration of rights to real estate and land, the copyright in the process of building effective public-private partnerships and many other industries. Legal advice on real estate, housing and domestic issues, as well as legal advice on the registration of inheritance, often allow at an early stage form the foundation for the favorable resolution of any conflict situation in the future.

Legal services

Advantages of legal services of OK Capital company

OK Capital Company is your reliable guide in the ever-changing legislation. We are always ready to be with you, to search and find the optimal solution to the problem, minimizing your cash expenses. In addition, our strengths are as follows:

  1. Professional performance. Our experts solve problems of any complexity, from the opening of a private company to the establishment of a large trading company.
  2. Information support. We always monitor the current information in a particular industry, so it allows us to provide prompt information.
  3. Confidentiality. The newest methods of preserving the confidentiality of information at all stages of legal services. Precise control of document flow.
  4. Reasonable cost of provided services. There are no hidden fees.
  5. Quick fulfillment. Our experts are making every effort to do the work in the shortest deadlines.
  6. The extensive network of partners that allows to solve issues of any complexity, in any of the jurisdictions and with guarantee of constant monitoring of processes.

The cost of comprehensive legal service

Services Basic package Optimal package VIP complex
Written examination of documents 15 month no limits no limits
Claim - related work 5 claims and claims 3 month 10 claims and 5 claims per month by agreement
Compilation / analysis of economic agreements 15 economic agreements no limits no limits
Written opinions, preparing a package of contracts, internal documents 10 documents per month 15 documents per month unlimited
Check out the lawyer to negotiate with contractors to 4 times per month no limits no limits
Support of business correspondence 10 letters a month no limits no limits
Oral consultation 10 month no limits no limits
Representing clients in state authorities to 5 times per month no limits no limits
Consultation on labor law and HR administration House 2 month no limits
Price 12 000 UAH. / Month 18 000 UAH. / Month by agreement
The discount for additional services,% 5% 7% 15%

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