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Preparing reports on the dynamics of the development of foreign economy

Preparing reports on the dynamics of the development of foreign economy

Preparing reports on the dynamics of development of economy of foreign popular service for entrepreneurs who plan to start their own business abroad or to invest in foreign markets. In order to do this successfully you must understand the nature of the market, the pace of development of the economy or a particular market, to know the investment indicators, to have information about the major players in the segment of interest, have an idea of state regulation of the industry, etc.

Reports on the dynamics of foreign economy

An overview of the dynamics of development of the economy prepared by OK Capital professionals contains tables, graphs, charts, economic data and conclusions. We can also prepare for you an outlook of the economy over the next 2-3 years.

Generally market overview becomes the basis of the development of a business plan for future business or marketing plan to promote the products \ services on the foreign market. The data will also help to develop a competent strategy and tactics to determine the work of the foreign companies.

Depending on the final goal of preparing of market overview or forecast of its development, we attract different specialists with international experience: these are lawyers, economists, marketers and analysts.

The cost of financial planning

Service Price
Tax planning from $100
Making individual offshore schemes for your business contract price
Agent relationships contract price
Making schemes of optimization of taxation in different countries from $100
Analysis of tax risks from $200
Services of foreign auditors Cost of a team work of specialists: lawyer, accountant and auditor is USD 200 per hour
preparation of review about the dynamic development in various sectors of the economy abroad contract price

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